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April 22, 2009


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Havent been blogging for so long…..start to see spiderwebs here…should update it soon….


December 1, 2008


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Should I get it?

November 18, 2008

Friends, how many ?

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To some people, they have this impression that I am a sociable person. Naturally I will have a lot of friends. That is just a myth. Fact is I hate to socialise, I find all excuses to get out of any social events.

I dont believe in having a lot of friends. Close friends should be infact minimal. I dont like to talk to people who doesnt excite me intellectually.

One of the reasons why I no longer stay in contact and is avoiding my ex classmates is because when we go out for gatherings I often hear things like; Ben talk leh, make me laugh etc etc. I totally hate that. I hate to have a one way conversation. That is why I sent them a email telling them to exclude me in any outings or mailing groups. I no longer have them on facebook, msn or hp.

I only have 30 people on my msn, I delete alot of them and I barely talk to not more then 5 of them.

On my phone contacts I only have 44 contacts. I barely sms alot except to a few.

Close friends however I have probably not more then 3. Well I have 2 of them in Perth. One in Singapore, I am going to ignore the one in Singapore very soon. Sometimes all it takes is to have a girl in the picture to see what type of person he is.

He is I can say changed and I dont know him anymore. He just got struck of the wedding invite list. Stubborn, Full of himself and totally selfish.

What type of lies he says behind my back…. I can only wonder.

The 2 clones from Perth well thats another story all together. Those two are people who I will keep for a long time to come.  Infact gladly fly them over for the wedding if CFO clears the budget paper.

So really sociable is not a word one would associate with me. Dont be sad if you dont see me on msn or facebook anymore, it totally means I get bored talking to you and really we be better off without each other. 🙂

October 21, 2008

Women are from Venus, Friends are from Uranus

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Recent trip to bkk got me thinking about how important friends are when it comes to the female devine intervention.

How can a bitch with a fake slang. I dont care what people say. Her US slang is not natural and its fake, have that much influence over a friend of mine so much so that I start to question if i know this guy at all.

How can a girl with such spoilt princess attitute, who totally have no regards to what is happening around her have such impact on a good friend of mine.

The same friend once commented that when I hate a person. That person is condemed to the core. As of now, I can only think of 2 people and she is at the top of the list.

Where do friends stand when it comes to a girl who is not even your gf?

That aside, I am currently working on my first single, targetting for a December release. wonder if I can make the dateline.

October 6, 2008


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August 12, 2008

Olympics uses Windows… wonder if it was a pirated software…

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Windows…………………………….This is what happens BSOD

August 8, 2008

Update on the previous cock entry

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This was the fucking reply I got

Dear Benjamin,
I do understand the amount of work you have put into your Project Assignment.
Thank you very much for your understanding especially when you mentioned that “What has been done is done. It’s time to close ranks and move on”.
I know that you are a good students and also thank you for mentioning to me ” I am a very nice Lecturer too”.  I think that it me!  I never like to provoke my students.  If students feel unhappy, I am more unhappy.
Let pursue the coming Exam and I hope that you will do well in the Exam.
Best regards,
More Knowledge, More Opportunities, More Successes
Dude, which fucking planet do you come from? Since when did I say you were nice.. You fucking moron… the things you teach are fucking outdated and ridiculous. You never address answers and you are just god damn fucking lame.
What do you understand you fuck… You know how much effort I put into this fucking presentation? I was so bloody proud of it.
You want me to put a fucking smile on that face you prick.
Selective reading is what it is….. you never addressed my answers in the email. You want me to type in what hokkien or chinese?
From now… you pray that I dont attend your fucking class… because from here now… every of your class with me in attendance.. is hell for you.*
*If I am paying attention

Want to know what cock is?

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Want to know how cock my school is?

On Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 10:45 PM, he wrote:
Dear Ben,

I do understand why you are angry about the NO Project Presentation.

As a Lecturer, I feel a lack of professionalism too with regards to this

I follow strictly what was practiced previously where presentation is
strictly required and also must be recorded.

Moreover, the course guide also stated that “Presentation is required”.

I hope you do understand my situation and hope that we remain in good cheer
when we meet again in the next lesson.
_____________________________________ My replies as follows______________________________________


I am more disappointed at the decision and the process.

As a part time student, it is not easy to juggle both studies and work. Any assignments given to me will have to be completed fast so that work will not be affected.

3 consecutive nights of no later then 4am was spent doing up the presentation slides. It was already completed and now efforts has been completely wasted.

We are already half way through this module. Why did the school not raise this up? Was part time students taken into consideration? We are not the pioneer batch of students, yet this is happening.Does this not show the unprofessionalism of the whole course?

Professor XXXXXXXX came down on the 5th. I presume he is the one communicating that no presentation was needed. Why wasn’t this communicated to the students earlier rather then wait till class on thursday?

I am disappointed at the management for not making a point to the Professor that communication has been passed down for the presentation and he might want to reconsider cancelling it. This could have been better managed.

This being said. What has been done is done. Its time to close ranks and move on.



July 31, 2008


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Not the tv show which I hate…….

Feel lost, dejected,




July 9, 2008

To or not to

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To get or not to get… to get or not to get.. to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to  get macbook pro or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get or not to get…to get or not to get…to get or not to get…to get or not to get…to get or not to get to get or not to get…

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